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Induction of estrous in the mare; dysfunction in the presence of ovarian corpus luteum


Product Description

Composition: D-Cloprostenol 50 mg; Excipients q.s. 1 ml

Pharmaceutical form: Injectable solution
Properties: Estrogest is a product based on Cloprostenol dextrogyrate, synthetic analogue of prostaglandin F2α. It is about 3.5 times stronger than products based on racemic Cloprostenol, therefore it can be used at a lower dose level proportion. Estrogest is more effective and better tolerated than racemic Cloprostenol. During the estrous
LH cycle, Estrogest induces a decrease in the number of luteinizing hormone (LH) receptors in the ovary, leading to a rapid regression of the corpus luteum and a decrease in progesterone levels.

Target species: Cattle, pigs and horses (mares not intended for human consumption)

Indications for use: Estrogest is indicated in: induction of estrous in the mare; dysfunction in the presence of ovarian corpus luteum: postpartum anoestrus, silent estrous, irregular cycle and cycle without ovulation, persistent corpus luteum, luteal cysts, endometritis, pyometra, interruption of gestation (during the first half), fetal mummification, post puerperal metropatia, delayed uterine involution. Combined therapy of follicular cysts (10-14 days after administration of GnRH or HCG).

Cattle (cows): The recommended dose is 0.150 mg of D-Cloprostenol, equivalent to 2 mL of Estrogest per animal.
Estrous induction: (also in cows that have weak or silent estrous): Administer the product after determining the presence of the corpus luteum (6th-8th day of the cycle). Estrous is usually seen in 48 to 60 hours. Inseminate 72 to 96 hours after treatment.
Synchronization of estrous: Administer the product twice (with an interval of 11 days). Artificially inseminate 72 and 96 hours after the second injection.
Ovarian dysfunction: After determining the presence of the corpus luteum, administer the product and inseminate during the first estrous after treatment. If there is no estrous detected, conduct once again an examination by palpation and repeat the injection after a period of 11 days from the first treatment. The insemination takes place from 72 to 96 hours after treatment.
Endometritis or pyometra: Administer 1 dose of the product. If necessary, repeat the treatment 10 days later. Inseminate 72 to 96 hours after treatment.
Interruption of pregnancy: Administer the product during the first half of gestation.
Fetal mummification: Administer 1 dose of the product. The fetus will be expelled after 3 or 4 days.
Metropatia postpartum, delayed uterine involution: Administer one dose of the product and, if indicated, repeat the treatment once or twice at a dose of 1 mL (at 24 hour intervals).


Combined therapy of follicular cysts: Administer the product 10-14 days after the administration of GnRH or HCG, once a positive response from the ovary is observed.
HORSES (mares not intended for human consumption): The recommended dose is 0.075 mg D-Cloprostenol per animal, equivalent to 1 mL of Estrogest per animal. Repeat if necessary according to indications by the veterinarian.
Estrous induction: Administer the product according to indications, it is preferred if the presence of corpus luteum is observed (progesterone determination).
Induction of birth: The product should be administered after 320 days of gestation. Birth usually takes place after a few hours.
Insemination plan: Administer the product twice (14 days interval). Inseminate 19 and 21 days after the first treatment, even without external manifestations of estrous.

Prolonged diestrous interruption: Administer the product to induce estrous, that occurs in a period from 2 to 8 days after treatment and ovulation at 8 to 10 days following the treatment.
Anoestrus during lactation: Administer the product 20 to 22 days after delivery, after checking the cyclic activity. This way you get estrous and ovulation.

Early fetal death: Administer the product, preferably after confirmation of the presence of corpus luteum (progesterone determination). Inseminate at the beginning of estrous.
PIGS (breeders): The recommended dose is 0.075 mg D-cloprostenol / animal equivalent to 1 mL/animal.
Induction of birth: Administer the product after the 112 day of gestation. In about 70% of cases, birth takes place 19-30 hours after treatment.
Route of administration: Intramuscular.
Contraindications: Avoid treatment in pregnant animals unless it is desired to induce abortion or labor.
Side effects: No adverse reactions have been observed even at doses 10 times superior to the therapeutic doses in cattle and sows. In mares, when administering three times the therapeutic dose, moderate sweating and the presence of loose stools have been detected.
Interactions: Do not use in animals treated with nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, since it inhibits endogenous prostaglandin synthesis. The activity of other oxytocic agents may be increased after administration of cloprostenol.


Special warnings: The administration of Estrogest is not recommended in mares that suffer from serious respiratory and/or gastrointestinal illnesses.
Precautions and recommendations for handling: Like all F2α prostaglandins it can be absorbed through the skin and may cause bronchospasm and abortion. The product should be handled carefully to avoid accidental self-injection or contact with the skin.
Women of childbearing age, asthmatics and persons with bronchial or other respiratory problems should avoid contact with the product or wear disposable plastic gloves during administration.
Withdrawal time:

Cattle (cows): Meat: 0 days. Milk: 0 days.
Pigs (sows): Meat: 1 day.
Horses (mares): Do not use in mares whose meat is intended for human consumption.
Storage conditions and recommendations: Keep in a cool dry place, protected from light. Do not store above 30°C. Keep out of sight and reach of children and domestic animals.

Presentations: Vials of 10ml, 20ml and 50ml

Shelf-life: 2 years from the manufacturing date


Keep out of the reach of children



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