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Hormonal Luteolithic agent, used for the synchronization of estrus, MMA, poor lactation syndrome.

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Product Description


Each 100 ml contains
D (+) Cloprostenol……………………………..100 g

– Delivery synchronization.

– Induction to childbirth.

– Treatment of metritis syndrome

– Mastitis – Agalactia (M.M.A).

– Regression of the body luteum: Mummification of fetuses.

– Poor lactation syndrome.

– Synchronization of estrus.

– Control of ovulation and childbirth.

– Reduction of postpartum open period and seasonal anestrous.

– Luteinized follicular cysts. – Luteinic cysts.

– Pyometra and enmetritis, together with antibiotics.

– Mummification and fetal maceration.

– Regression of corpus lutes multiples generated by superovulation.

– Termination of pregnancy including induction to childbirth.

– Platentary retentions and elimination of pathological liquids.

– Dexterous persistent.

– Pseudopregnancy termination.

– Lactation anestrus termination if there is a luteal body.

– Initiation of the estrous cycles in mares with problems.

– Induction of luteolysis in metritis.

– Induction of abortion before the development of the endometrial layers.

– Induction to the zeal in time of service.

– Induction to childbirth.


Administration: Intramuscular exclusively.

BOVINES: 2-5 ml
EQUINES: 1-2,5 ml
SWINE: 1-2,5 ml
The doses can be modifies according to the Veterinary Doctor’s therapeutic criteria.

Precautions to be taken before, during or after your administration.
– Chronic endometritis, pyometra: Verify the presence of a periodical luteum or pseudo pregnancy. The treatment can be repeated after 10 -15 days. – Pregnancy Intervention: The treatment is effective only when it is administered before the 5th month. – Induction to parturition: During the terminal phase of pregnancy, at 36 hours after application, delivery usually occurs. It may increase the incidence of placental retention.
– Anestrus per persistent luteous body: Generally, estrus occurs 3 to 6 days after application. – Induction of postpartum heat: Dosage 6 -1 0 days after ovulation of the first heat or at 20 days after delivery – Induction to childbirth: Labor usually occurs between 1 and 4 hours after application (make sure that the pregnancy has ended and that the mammary gland is ready for lactation).
– Induction to delivery: From day 115 of pregnancy, delivery occurs between 21 and 30 hours post administration.
Keeping away from pregnant women or asthmatic feet can lead to miscarriage or bronchospasm. Wash hands with plenty of water and soap after handling this product.
Follow the instructions of the Veterinary Doctor.

Withdrawal times:07 days before slaughter

Contra-Indications: Do not administer to pregnant females, except to interrupt pregnancy.

PRESERVATION: Store at room temperature (not exceeding 30°C) in a dry and cool place protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children.




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